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Welcome to Zedan Dental Laboratory


After many years of experience in the dental laboratory, Jerry Zedan opened the doors to his own partial denture lab, Zedan Dental Lab, Inc. Earning recognition for his craftsmanship, knowledge and dedication in the dental field, in 1984 the University of Detroit Dental School made him an Honorary Alumni, and then in 2003 he received the award from the National Association of Dental Labs for 35 years as a Certified Dental Technician.  Along with his wife, Jessie, running the office from day one they made an unbeatable team and built their business together. Their son, John, worked side-by-side with Jerry gaining the knowledge to design and fabricate frameworks of the highest quality. Their daughter, Janet, opened the Acrylic Department in 1993 expanding the business into an all-inclusive removable dental lab and then shortly thereafter earned her Certified Dental Technician certificate. After graduating summa cum laude with her bachelor’s degree, their daughter, Julie, joined the team and began to move the business operations forward through integration of technology in the early 90s.  Along with experienced technicians, Jerry established a family business committed to a high standard of excellence. Today, our dedicated staff continues to deliver the quality you expect through their years of expertise in the dental field, a reliable combination of artistic and technical talent for your dental practice.

Zedan Dental Lab specializes in SLM frameworks, full and partial dentures, obturators, implant bars, attachment cases, and much more. We strive to deliver a finished product that will fall right into place in your patient’s mouth, in turn reducing chair time for unnecessary adjustments. Quality control management is integrated at every step of the process. We keep in mind the aesthetics patients expect, as well as the necessity of proper biological functioning with their new appliances. We accept digital scans and use only the highest quality researched materials.  Through this care and attention to detail, we have attained a continued client base for over 30 years, which has grown by recommendation from one doctor to another.

Here at Zedan Dental Lab, we address the needs of prosthodontists, dentists, universities, and hospitals across the nation. Communication is key to success. We are a “lab family” and continually make a conscious effort to treat our clients as family with personalized service. We welcome your questions and discussions regarding challenging cases and the services provided by our laboratory.

We keep abreast of the latest dental technology and procedures through conferences, journals, and memberships to the National Association of Dental Laboratories and American College of Prosthodontics. We support Michigan Donated Dental Services, Special Olympics, and various organizations in our community. Our goal at Zedan Dental Lab is to provide the highest quality products, services, and consultation in the design and fabrication of partial and full dentures, implant bars, attachment cases, and other prosthetic appliances.

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