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Partial Department

John began his career as a dental technician 33 years ago, learning the fine art of framework fabrication from his father, Jerry. Delivering the highest quality metal frameworks to his dentists, prosthodontists, universities, and hospitals is top priority to John. He strives to make sure each and every one of his partials will fall right into place, and be the most comfortable fit for the patients who wear them. As President of Zedan Lab, John believes building for the future of dentistry is a key factor in the changing face of the dental business, all while maintaining the quality and craftsmanship his clients have come to appreciate and value through the years. Integrating implant bars, attachment cases, and hybrids into his lab has allowed him to cater to the many needs of dental patients. Outside of the lab, John enjoys spending time with his family and friends fishing and snowmobiling at his place up north. He also enjoys working on cars, snowmobiles, and do-it-yourself home improvement projects.


Denture Department

Janet was practically born and raised in the dental lab. As a little girl, Jerry would bring her into the lab to "play", sifting through drawers of waxes, models, and discarded teeth...and, so it began. Janet worked bookkeeping, billing, and shipping during high school and college vacations. She graduated from Central Michigan University with a B.A.A. and feels the degree perfectly correlated to the artistic and technical sides of the field. Reentering the lab, Janet worked in the Partial Department until 1993, when she opened the Denture Division. In 2002, she attained her Certification of Dental Technology (CDT). Outside of the lab, Janet enjoys spending time with her family, pets, and everything outdoors.

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    Technician | Partial Department
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    Technician | Denture Department
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